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About King Sun PCB

King Sun PCB Technology is a professional PCB manufacturer and PCB assembly supplier in Shenzhen, China.

As a high-end china circuit board manufacturer, King Sun PCB can provide one-stop PCB circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly services. We can complete all kinds of complex PCB manufacturing.

We have a comprehensive range of PCB products, highly skilled engineers, and rich industry experience. King Sun PCB’s mission is fast delivery and quality assurance. Saving time and costs for customers is our most significant advantage and motivation.

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PCB fabrication and PCB Assembly services

PCB Design & Manufacturing

Quick Turnaround PCB

PCB fabrication and PCB Assembly services PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype 

PCB Assembly 

Our PCBs Types

Prototype PCB Board

Quick turn prototype PCB low cost.

  • Layers: 1-8
  • Quantity: 5-1000 pcs.
  • Quality Grade: Standard IPC 2
  • Lead time: 2-9 days
  • Material: FR4

Standard PCB

Comply with universal design.

  • Layers: 1-32
  • Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
  • Quality Grade: Standard IPC2
  • Lead time: 2 days-5 weeks
  • Material: FR4

Advanced PCB Design

Used in complex electronic equipment.

  • Layers: 1-32
  • Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
  • Quality Grade: Standard IPC1
  • Lead time: 12-15 days
  • Type: Flex, Rogers, Alu, etc.

PCB assembly

One-stop PCB assembly services.

  • Fulfillment: Turnkey or consigned
  • Quantity: 1-10,000+pcs.
  • Quality Grade: IPC3
  • Lead time: as short as two days
  • Other: AOI. X-ray SPI, ICT
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Back Drilling

Via in Pad

Countersink Hole

Rigid Flex PCB

Blind And Buried Vias

Castellation PCB


PCB technologies

View our complete PCB fabrication capabilities.

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Industries We Serve

We develop PCB solutions for every industry, including but not limited to:

PCB board applications-Medical industry

Medical industry

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

PCB board applications-LED lighting

LED Lighting

PCB board applications-Automobile


PCB board applications-Aerospace


PCB board applications-Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

PCB board applications-New Energy

New Energy

PCB board applications-Marine


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PCB Layers We provide

Single Layer PCB

Single-layer PCBs are used in simple electronic products, such as radios, simple speakers, and other OEM PCB products. View detailed types of printed circuit boards.

2 Layers PCB

2 Layer PCB board is widely used in electronic products, from consumer electronics to industrial products, as a cost-effective advantage in China PCB supplier.

4 Layers PCB

A 4-layer PCB contains four conductive copper layers. The top and bottom layers are the signal layers, and the middle two are the power and ground layers. The power and ground layers can be isolated in the middle to reduce interference.

Multilayer PCB

MultiLayer PCB emerged with the development of science and technology, and electronic products are required to be portable and smaller.

What is a Rigid PCB-rigid pcb material-single sided pcb manufacturer

PCB Assembly

PCB Components Purchase

We have a complete material procurement management and control process and can quickly provide customer component quotations. We also accept customers who provide BOM materials to our PCB assembly factory.

SMT Assembly Processing

Our PCB assembly manufacturer has first-class equipment, a perfect quality control system, and rich practical experience, which makes our PCB assembly highly efficient, high quality, and price-advantaged.

Through Hole Assembly

After the PCB assembly is finished, SMT enters the through-hole assembly. Through-hole assembly generally adopts the wave soldering process, and the wave soldering machine is used for welding processing and firm components.

PCB Assembly Testing

We will do a PCB functional test for PCB assembly according to the customer’s requirements.

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