What is a Chip On Board(COB)? – Definition, Application, Manufacturing Process

What is a Chip On Board

Introduction: Chip On Board (COB) technology has reached a state of stability within the electronics manufacturing sector. In the past, people used COB to produce less expensive consumption goods. COB is more suitable than IC for use in confined spaces as electronic devices continue to shrink in size. In this post, we will discuss chip-on-board…

Common Causes of PCB Failures & Repairs

Common PCB problem and solutions

The PCB manufacturing process involves addressing common issues such as soldering defects, component failures, environmental factors, design errors, and inadequate protection against ESD and power surges. As a manufacturer, understanding and mitigating these challenges is crucial for ensuring the reliability and optimal performance of our printed circuit boards (PCBs). Thorough diagnostics and effective solutions are employed to maintain the integrity of electronic systems and meet high-quality standards.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in China

top 10 PCB manufacturers in china

The article lists ten manufacturers that stand out in this field, covering their key advantages, technical characteristics and position in the global market. Through this comprehensive overview, you will be able to better understand the diversity and strength of China’s PCB manufacturers, helping you to make informed decisions among the many options.

What is LED PCB?

cover of What is LED PCB

In modern electronics, LEDs have become synonymous with energy-saving and versatile lighting solutions. However, PCBs are the backbone of contemporary lighting systems. This article details the intricacies of LED PCBs, from their unique structure to their role in improving brightness and efficiency.

What is the difference between PCB and PCBA?

pcb vs pcba_best pcb manufacturers in china

PCB board and PCB assembly are two different terms in the PCB manufacturing industry. However, PCB and PCBA are not the same things in many ways. An audience new to the electronics industry often needs clarification with both terms. Therefore, we have decided to explain the difference very simply. This article will discuss the difference between PCBA and PCB, including their definition, applications, and advantages.