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King Sun PCB Technology is a manufacturer of PCBs. We make high density interconnector multilayer and various types of PCB prototypes, as well as small and mass production PCB products.

Our products include:

Products are used in many IoT and Hi-Tech industries. They are also used in power supply, telecommunication, computers, industrial control, digital products, science and education instruments, medical instruments, automobiles, etc.

In 2005, we expanded to make metal core base PCBs(MCPCB). They are now common in LED lighting and the auto industry.

MCPCB’s top-notch material ensures reliability and is key to great heat dissipation. It greatly increases the longevity of LED Lighting.

Now, we have gained reputable recognition from famous LED lighting companies.

King Sun focuses on high-quality, fast, and satisfied service. In summary, our services are:

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