Quick Turn PCB Prototype Fabrication and Assembly

Fast Turnaround PCB Manufacturer

Do you work under the pressure of project deadlines? Our quick turn PCB service is your best value.

We understand lead time is critical in the development of a new project. It is a competitive advantage for your business to test out your designs at a faster rate than your competitors.

If you order today, 3 days later you will get PCB products on your desk. Our quick turnaround PCB is as short as 24 hours.

What is Quick Turn PCB?

Quick Turn PCB refers to shortening the turnaround time of PCB prototyping and assembly without compromising quality.

In traditional PCB manufacturing, the entire process can take weeks due to the design, prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly stages.

Our fast turnaround PCB delivery is as short as 24 hours to meet urgent project requirements. These services are ideal for situations requiring rapid prototyping, low-volume production, or rapid product iteration. If the time is not particularly urgent, we also have PCB delivery services of different lengths, such as 48 hours and 72 hours.

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer in China

KingSun PCB is running two shifts with 24 hours to ensure on time quick turn prototype PCBs:

  • More than 30 engineers ensure CAM files quick turn to the production line.
  • Strict control time for each process.
  • All processes are staffed by a quality assurance person, guaranteeing no mistakes on printed circuit boards.
  • DHL, UPS, FedEx international express ensure delivery time.

Fast Turn PCB Manufacturing Service

Our Quick turn PCB Capabilities:

Layer Lead Time (premium) Lead Time (standard)
2 24 Hours 4 Days
4 48 Hours 5 Days
6 72  Hours 6 Days
8 96 Hours 7 Days
10 6 Days 8 Days
12 7 Days 9 Days

What Are The Factors That Affect The Delivery Time Of Quick Turn PCB?

PCB design standardization affects the delivery of quickturn PCB prototypes. It is very inappropriate to delay the time in the revision and confirmation of the design files.

So customers design PCB circuit board drawings not only to consider the circuit function and characteristics, but also to consider PCB fabrication capability, all aspects factors of circuit board assembly, and circuit board welding. The standardized PCB design will save circuit board proofing time.

How to ensure the quality of quickturn PCB prototype ?

Electronic products have a wide variety of uses and functions. Inaccurate understanding of circuit board sample preparation characteristics of the use of industry characteristics and environmental requirements, will lead to the circuit board prototype can not meet design requirements. 

To save money, PCB manufacturers put multiple PCB prototypes together on larger panels. This helps them meet the growing demand for fast turnaround PCB prototypes. 

Because many PCB prototypes just verify the function. Is the circuit design feasible? This is not guaranteed. The current market situation prevents some PCB manufacturers from fully prioritizing circuit board quality. Everything tends to be cheap.

King Sun PCB insists quality is core. We make prototypes following the requirements of mass production standards to shorten the product development cycle, reduce the entire project development costs:

  • The feasibility of maintaining product identification and traceability.
  • Control of feed, process and shipment inspection.
  • The management of testing and testing equipment.
  • The management of unqualified products.
  • Handling and tracking of product quality abnormality.
  • The handling of customer complaints.
  • The application of statistical technology.
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