King Sun PCB Customer Testimonials

King Sun PCB has won the trust of customers from all over the world through years of hard work. The trust of our customers is our foundation and the goal of our efforts. Let’s see what our customers think of us.

“Very good quality overall:

  • Drills in center of pads: very good center locations.
  • Solder mask registration: excellent, especially the top side.
  • Silkscreen: very good registration; good detail.
  • Routing and edge finish: excellent.
  • Packaging: good secure package, good protection.

I like the inspection report too: very good detail.”


“We received the PCBs. The quality is excellent!
Thank you very much for this nice work!

I will come with a new order next week for another project.”

B.D. 3D Printer

“Very good PCB quality, thanks you.

We have been extremely busy so we have slipped behind schedule a bit. But it does look good so far though

Thanks again.”

M.V.  Voss  AB

“Thank you for excellent service.

Just curious how you are organized considering you almost always answer our mails instantly and the time difference is significant.Are you operating from an European office?”


“Pricing looks fine. I’ll send a wire tomorrow to get these started. Let me know if you have any further questions.



“I hope you are having a good day. Yes all well received and working perfectly.

Many thanks and have a good weekend!”


“You have done great work for us. I recommend King Sun as a 5 star vendor.”


“Thanks so much for your help.we appreciate working with you now and in future.”

V.H.  JH Electronics A/S

“Your pricing overall looks very good.So I would prefer to go King Sun”

S.R.  P Electronic GmbH