Top 20 Global EMS Companies in 2024

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The EMS industry has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. EMS providers play a significant role in the electronics value chain.

Not all these companies are constant in the services they provide. It varies from one company to another.

You may know about some or all companies that provide electronics manufacturing services (EMS). This article will briefly look at each of the top 20 EMS companies in the world.

Keep reading as you’ll get insights into what EMS manufacturing is. You’ll also get to know the key factors while selecting the best EMS company.

What is EMS Manufacturing?

The term EMS is an abbreviation for Electronics Manufacturing Services. It’s also called electronics contract manufacturing (ECM). It’s used for companies that provide manufacturing and other services on a contract basis for electronic components and assemblies to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

The services can include designing and analyzing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and assembling their parts. They include the making of electronic modules as well as whole devices. EMS companies also provide accompanying services like supply chain management and after-sales support.

EMS companies aim to stabilize these tasks and collaborate with OEMs. In other words, EMS companies are vital partners for OEMs.

All the companies that check and design PCBs are EMS manufacturers.

Top Biggest EMS Manufacturing Companies in the World

These are the top 20 companies or the biggest players in the EMS industry:

1. Foxconn


Foxconn is undoubtedly the leader among the top EMS companies of the globe. They have more than a million employees. The company was founded in 1974 and has its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. They make high-tech electronic products, components, PCBs, and ICs. Their main customers include Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Panasonic.

The company has matchless expertise as compared to other EMS providers. They also make products for the medical sector, such as monitoring equipment. Most of their factories are situated in East Asia, Brazil, India, Europe, and Mexico.

2. Wistron

You see that Wistron is another prominent multinational EMS company. With their head office in Taiwan, they have locations throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. The company focuses on making products for the medical sector. They also make notebook computers, desktop computers, servers and networking products.

Most of the company’s customers are renowned and high-tech companies. Wistron has over 80000 employees working in more than 12 manufacturing bases globally.

3. Jabil

Based in Florida, Jabil is an American multinational EMS company. They are involved in the design, engineering and manufacturing of PCB assembly (PCBA). Founded in 1966, they have applications in consumer electronics, automation, computer peripherals and data transmission.

Their major services include design, production, assembly, technical support, etc.

Its major customers include over 250,000 employees, including HP, Philips, Cisco, and Xerox. Jabil has over 100 factories in more than 20 countries of the world.

4. BYD Electronics

BYD Electronics is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company produces smart components and products like batteries, notebook computers and smartphones. They also provide PCB assembly services to clients. They make products for a variety of sectors like automotive, education and healthcare.

The company has over 10000 workers and was founded in 1995. During the time of COVID-19, they produced masks for the people. As a result, they made a remarkable revenue.

5. Kingsun PCB

Kingsun PCB is a famous player in the EMS industry. They are well known for producing large quantities of PCBs and PCBA. Their main services include high-tech PCB consulting services and Metal Core PCB Fabrication. The company serves several sectors, such as LED lighting, power and automotive, medical, and consumer electronics.

Established in 2000, they are based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They are distinguished for their highly skilled engineers and rich industry experience.

6. USI

USI, aka Universal Scientific Industrial, is a leading EMS firm in the world. They partner with OEMs in various sectors like automotive, medical, and consumer electronics. Their services include making PCB designs and developing solutions for managing sleep patterns. They also carry out miniaturization for the automotive industry.

Based in Shanghai, China, they have over 30 locations across Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

7. Sanmina

Sanmina is well-known for providing EMS services to OEMs in various sectors. These include medical, automotive, defense, aerospace, and communications. The company’s headquarters are in California, USA.

In the medical sector, they develop MRI systems, X-ray machines and other equipment for clients. The company operates in 20 countries on over six continents and has about 35000 employees worldwide.

8. Plexus Corp.

Plexus has a unique position as a multinational EMS company. They are functioning since 1979. Based in the USA, they have maintained their consistent performance. Due to this, they have many customers as their clients.

The company offers a myriad of services regarding PCB design and assembly.

They specially focus on quality, ensuring that each of their products is faultless. In the medical sector, their products include surgical robotics and tissue diagnostics. The company has over 20000 employees and has over 26 locations globally.

9. Flex

Flextronics, now known as Flex, is a famous multinational EMS manufacturing company based in Singapore. The company has about 172000 employees that work in over 30 countries. They provide a myriad of services, like PCB assembly.

Along with this, they serve various industries, from communications to automotive. The company was founded in 1969. Their products also go well for the medical sector, providing accurate results. Their customers include well-known companies like Microsoft, Dell and Cisco Systems.

10. Pegatron

Regarding flawless PCB design and assembly, Pegatron is a reliable name. Based in Taiwan, they are known to partner with various OEMs to deliver quality products. They also make computers and smart products like notebooks, video cards, smartphones, and cable modems.

Pegatron is also a supplier of iPhones to Apple, particularly in India. They have around 8200 workers across Asia, Europe, and North America.

11. Celestica Inc.

Celestica is a renowned multinational EMS company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company has more than 38000 employees. They deal with PCB design, prototype production, assembly, testing, packaging and other services. The company works in 50 sites across 15 countries.

12. Benchmark Electronics

Benchmark Electronics is rated among the top EMS providers in the world. They provide product design and manufacturing services in different sectors. These include medical, automotive, aerospace, telecommunication and defense.

The services they offer are PCB design and engineering and total component inspection.

They also make Radio frequency (RF) printed circuit boards and other high-speed products. Benchmark Electronics is based in Arizona, USA. They have locations across Asia, North America and Europe.

13. Venture

Venture is a Singaporean EMS provider that comprises over 30 companies. These belong to Southeast and Northeast Asia, USA and Europe and have over 15000 workers. They make electronics with expertise in varied domains like medical devices and lifestyle consumer products.

Their mission is not to compromise on the quality of their products. Their products pass through quality control checks before delivery. They are adaptable to your budget and open to answering your queries via customer support.

14. Fabrinet

Fabrinet provides complex optical and electro-mechanical components, modules, and precision optics. These components serve varied sectors like telecommunications, data communications, medical, and automation. Founded in 2000, they are based in Thailand and have around 14663 workers.

The company aims to serve top-tier OEMs as their customers.

15. SIIX

SIIX Corporation is based in Osaka, Japan, and is a top EMS provider. They produce electronic circuits and equipment. The company has been operating since 1992 and produces a wide range of products. These include in-vehicle accessories like car multimedia and home appliances like air conditioners. The company serves a variety of sectors, such as automobiles, and has around 12354 workers.

SIIX Corporation operates in five segments. They include Japan, Southeast Asia, Greater China, the Americas and Europe.

16. Kimball Electronics Group

Kimball Electronics Group provides EMS services to different markets, such as automotive, medical, and public safety. The company’s services comprise the production and testing of PCB assemblies. The company was formed in 1961, and its headquarters lies in Jasper, Indiana, USA.

The company has locations in different countries, including the USA, Mexico, China, Romania and Thailand. With over 7900 employees globally, the company is committed to quality and reliability.

17. Creation Technologies

Creation Technologies has over 4000 people working in over 13 locations. These are in the USA, China, Mexico and Canada. The multinational EMS provider has headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. As they were founded in 1991, their services include PCB assembly and prototyping.

They serve OEMs in a variety of sectors, such as medical, industrial, aerospace, and defense. They strive to develop premier customer relationships with OEMs. Creation Technologies excels in various services like design, testing, manufacturing and after-market services.

18. Computime

Computime was established in 1974 and is headquartered in Shatin, Hong Kong. The EMS provider has over 14 manufacturing sites and offices around the world. They specialize in smart and sustainable products and solutions like connected homes and buildings.

The EMS company also provides services like PCB assembly. Its aim is total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. The manufacturer has over 4000 workers working in 16 locations around the world.

19. Hana Microelectronics

Hana Microelectronics makes quality products to meet customer’s current and future needs. They work in the areas of PCB assembly, semiconductor ICs, microdisplay assembly, and testing. The company has headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. The EMS firm works across countries like China, the USA, and South Korea.

Hana Microelectronics has been manufacturing electronic components for over 40 years. The EMS electronics company currently has about 10,000 employees globally.

20. WKK Technology Ltd.

WKK Technology Ltd is a provider of EMS services to global customers in different areas. These include diagnostic medical products, automotive and computer and office automation.

WKK was established in 1975 and is based in Hong Kong. The company aims to foster a spirit of teamwork and provide quality services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selecting an EMS Company

Selecting and partnering with an EMS company has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some important ones:


  1. Maintain high product quality standards: EMS companies typically have years of manufacturing experience and can maintain high standards.
  2. Helping you to get to market faster: EMS companies can help you to deliver on time and quickly get to market. It can give you an upper hand over other businesses.
  3. Taking your business to a global level: EMS firms with a global presence ensure that your products go beyond local markets. Thus, your products get recognized internationally.
  4. Flexible services: International EMS providers give you flexibility in their services. They have ways to assist you with your needs and prevent inconveniences, which saves time.


  1. Bad quality inspection: When producing in bulk, bad quality inspection can be the outcome of EMS providers. It can lead to flaws in the product designs.
  2. Lack of prompt communication: There can be a lack of prompt communication between the client and the EMS provider. It can lead to misunderstandings and complications on the EMS firm’s side.
  3. Risk of data theft: Your data, ideas, and design may be stolen when partnering with an EMS firm. Not all EMS firms encrypt your data very well.
  4. Loss of good reputation in the market: You might always depend on Electronic Manufacturing Services companies. It can damage your market fame and affect your business values.

Factors to Examine While Selecting the Best EMS Company

Selecting the best EMS company isn’t only a purchasing decision but an OEM’s fundamental step. It can impact an OEM’s operating efficiency and cost structure. It can also affect the OEM’s capability to meet the consumer demand.

It can have a long-term effect on an OEM’s capability to succeed. These are some factors that you should examine while selecting the best EMS company:

Experience and Expertise

The EMS provider you want to work with should have vast expertise in your industry. Many EMS providers specialize in specific industries, such as medicine and automotive.

Examine their former projects. Check how those align with what you are trying to achieve.

It implies that those companies deeply understand the industry’s needs and associated challenges. They have decades or years of experience and can fulfill client expectations. It results in serving new clients. It also helps to develop a long-term working relationship with them in a specific industry.

An EMS provider with one or two years of experience may not completely fulfill your goals. So, relying on an old name is crucial for you to succeed.

Manufacturing capacity

Manufacturing capacity is another factor when selecting the best EMS company. Top EMS firms have an outstanding capacity to manufacture. Their production flow is never compromised. They can resolve any difficulty that comes their way. Such is an example of an EMS manufacturing company that you can rely on.

To get an idea of their manufacturing capacity, examine their professional and eligible staff. Evaluate their precise products. Regarding PCB, an ideal company has uncomplicated and faultless PCB design and assembly procedures.

Quality Standards and Certifications

An ideal EMS company has suitable quality certifications to manufacture a product. It also strictly follows industry standards and regulations, ensuring its commitment to quality.

Having quality certifications and standards means that there exists a thorough management system. It’s for designing and manufacturing products. It also implies that the products cater to regulatory and customer needs.

For example, EMS companies making devices for the medical sector should have ISO 13485:2003 certification. For each sector, there are relevant standards and certifications. Do your research and look into their awards and certifications. Then, find the best EMS company relevant to your sector.

The outcome is that you’ll be able to analyze their previous performance better. You can eventually decide to partner with an EMS company.

Cost and Pricing Structure

Cost and pricing structure is another crucial factor when choosing an EMS provider. Ensure that the pricing of an EMS manufacturing company is cost-effective and within your budget. Inquire about the timeframe they can deliver and whether it’s within your deadline.

Mostly, the top EMS firms have cost-effective services. You don’t need to invest more money in unnecessary services. Ask them about pricing packages. They will guide you about the services based on the package you select.

Global Presence

It’s also important that the EMS company you select should have a global presence. They can understand a market’s prospects ahead of local markets. Thus, you can access more customers, resulting in more profit and revenue.


You must have acquired knowledge about the world’s top 20 EMS companies by now. You also know the chief factors to examine when selecting the best EMS company.

This article also examined the advantages and disadvantages of selecting an EMS company.

You can now evaluate the best EMS providers and choose the ideal one. EMS firms have significantly regulated the PCB sector.

Make sure your EMS firm meets all your requirements and the quality standards.