Top 15 PCB Manufacturers in The World in 2023

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Who are the largest PCB manufacturers in the world in 2023?

There are many but we have listed the top 15 PCB board manufacturers along with their main PCB products and manufacturing capabilities. This list carries PCB manufacturing companies from different countries. Such as, you can find:

  • PCB manufacturers in the USA
  • PCB manufacturer in Malaysia
  • China PCB Manufacturer
  • PCB manufacturer in Mexico

Before reading about the global leaders in the PCB manufacturing industry, let’s focus on some latest PCB market statistics:

  1. Flex PCB market is expected to reach $29.8 Billion by 2030. (Yahoo Finance)
  2. PCB Production Valued $1.09 trillion in 2023.( Digitime Asia)
  3. The PCB market will reach US$ 3.9 billion in the UK only. (Global News Wire)

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1. RayMing Technology

RayMing Technology is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China. They have been providing PCB fabrication and assembly services for 18 years. Similarly, RayMing manufactures a range of PCBs for the electronics, automotive, medical, and aerospace industries.

Generally, its major capabilities include:

  • PCB design and prototyping
  • PCB fabrication (up to 100 layers)
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • PCB testing

RayMing PCB manufacturers has a state-of-the-art manufacturing center in Shenzhen, China, which is geared up with the latest PCB manufacturing technologies.

2. Kingsun PCB

Kingsun is one of the leading Chinese PCB manufacturers with a strong presence in USA. It has been manufacturing custom-made printed circuit boards for many years. Kingsun PCB is well-known and ranks among the most reliable Chinese printed circuit board manufacturers.

Some of its prominent capabilities are standard PCB stacks up, PCB manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Kingsun’s most popular PCB products are:

They also offer a variety of PCB technologies, including Enepig, backdrill, Blind and Burried Vias, PCB depth slots, and many others.

3. Zhen Ding

Zhen Ding occupies the top position among the best Taiwanese PCB manufacturers. It manufactures various PCBs such as HDI, Flexible printed circuit (FPC), and rigid-flex PCBs. Subsequently, Zhen Ding has a global footprint, with manufacturing companies in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

They have advanced technology to manufacture different printed circuit boards, such as:

  • Single-sided boards
  • Multi-layer circuit boards
  • HDI boards for BGA systems
  • Flexible and rigid-flexible boards and
  • Aluminum core PCB boards

4. Finpo PCB

Finpo PCB is one the best quick-turn PCB manufacturers in Taiwan. It offers a wide range of services, including selective soldering, automated optical inspection (AOI), and wave soldering for a variety of printed circuit boards.

The major PCB products include:

  • Rigid Printed Circuit Boards
  • Flex PCBs
  • Rigid-Flex PCBs
  • MCPCB and
  • HDI

Finpo is one of the leading PCB assembly manufacturers. Generally, it focuses on producing rapid PCB prototyping, high-mix low volume, lead-free manufacturing, and medium-volume production.

Their technical PCB capabilities are the following:

  • Laser Drill Microvias (4+ HDI Board)
  • Heavy Copper PCB
  • HDI Any Layer

5. Unimicron Technology

Unimicron is one of the most reliable Taiwanese PCB manufacturers.  Among Unimicron’s end markets are smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and automotive electronics. Furthermore, its top PCB boards are rigid-flex PCBs, FPCs, and HDI PCBs. Unimicron provides PCB design services for a variety of applications such as smartphones and tablets.

6. Compeq Manufacturing

Compeq is also a Taiwanese PCB manufacturer. Similarly, it occupies the top position among the largest printed circuit board manufacturers. For several years, it has been implementing many large and small projects for domestic and international projects. Compeq major capabilities include manufacturing printed circuits from 2 to 14 layers.  Similarly, the company offers a wide range of services, including:

  • PCB design and layout
  • PCB fabrication
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • PCB testing

Compeq’s major PCBA services are:

  • Single-sided and double-sided PCB assembly
  • Multilayer PCB assembly
  • Rigid-flex PCB assembly
  • HDI PCB assembly and
  • RF PCB assembly

7. Ibiden Co

Ibiden ranks in the top position among the best PCB manufacturers located in Japan. It specializes in manufacturing printed circuits and assembly at the cheapest prices in Japan. Subsequently, Ibiden offers circuit soldering including plug welding, SMT soldering, and SMT processing. Similarly, it provides the following services:

  • Component mounting and unit assembly services
  • STM mounting process: 6 lines, DIP soldering process: 8 lines
  • Electronic circuit design, software development
  • Industrial remote control systems, optical amplifiers,

8. Shennan Circuits

Established in 1984, Shennan Circuits is among the top printed circuit board manufacturers. The company claims to manufacture printed circuit boards from single-layer to multi-layer circuit boards. Subsequently, it provides milling, drilling, and cutting of all types of PCB printed circuits in many different sizes. Generally, Shennan offers a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Number of layers
  • Material specification (FR4, Polyimide and aluminum)
  • Finishing (HASL plated or gold plated…)
  • Coating color protects the circuit
  • Uniform color and
  • Copper coating thickness

9. Kinwong Electronic

Kinwong Electronics ranks top among Chinese PCB manufacturers. For low-volume and prototyping needs, they have several semi-automated systems that enable fast and competitive PCB manufacturing. They test all PCBs via an AOI optical testing machine. The system automatically captures, and stores images and compares them with a standard image to detect errors on the printed circuit board.

Regardless of automatic or semi-automatic machining, Kinwong applies the same quality control procedures. Using practical experience helps them to control quality at the highest level. The company offers a wide range of services, including:

  • PCB design and engineering
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • PCB assembly

10. PMS PCB Manufacturing Solutions

PMS PCB Manufacturing Solutions is a leading provider of PCB manufacturing services in Mexico. The company offers a wide range of services, including:

Surface mount technology (SMT) assembly is the most common type of PCB assembly technology. SMT is best for the high-density placement of components on PCBs, which is essential for the efficiency of modern electronics.

Mixed technology assembly: Mixed technology assembly is often used for complex PCBs that require a combination of both SMT and THT components.

Quick-turn prototypes: PMS can produce quick-turn prototypes of PCBs in 24 hours. Ultimately. This makes PMS a good choice for customers who need to introduce their products to the market quickly.

11. Silvtronics

Silvtronics is a PCB manufacturer in Malaysia that provides PCB manufacturing and assembly. They are committed to delivering high-quality printed circuit boards at a competitive price. Being top PCB manufacturers, they have manufacturing factories in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Shenzhen, China.

The company offers electronic assembly services in prototype batches and small, medium, and large series. Moreover, they undertake the implementation of any project, even the most complex, depending on the client’s needs.

12. TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies is a global leader in the top printed circuit board manufacturers. It is located in California, United States. They provide the following services such as:

  • PCB design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly and testing

Furthermore, their major products are rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex PCBs. Its distinguishing features are high quality, short delivery times, and customer service.  Therefore, these dominant features have made TTM consolidate itself as one of the main PCB manufacturers in the USA.

13. Epic Engineered Technologies

Epic ranks among the best pcb manufacturers in usa that produce high-tech circuit boards for aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Similarly, they cooperate mainly with partners in the global PCB market. Epic usually manufactures PCB for the following industries at large scale:

  • Battery Packs
  • Rigid and Flex PCBs
  • User-Interface PCBs

Thanks to continuous investments in equipment, their PCB production capabilities are constantly growing.


JLPCB is one of the best-printed circuit board manufacturers in China. It has a global footprint and offers manufacturing services to the international market. Furthermore, they provide customers with professional assistance at every stage of their PCB order.

In addition, the company’s special features are its professional staff. It consists of high-class CAM engineers, a qualified team of quality specialists, production management, customer service, and machine operators.

The best thing about this company is its e-commerce-style website layout. It is quite convenient for the buyer to select their ideal PCB in a couple of minutes. JLPCB’s major products are:

  • Rigid PCB
  • Flex PCB and
  • PCB Assembly


PCBWAY has decades of experience in the PCB manufacturing market. Moreover, it also ranks at the top of the list of printed circuit board manufacturers.  Furthermore, they have a strong research and development team for the design to production of a finished, assembled board.

Like JLPCb, PCBWAY also has an e-commerce website design that showcases its main products on the front screen. This company claims the best value with a fast turnaround. Simultaneously, they offer a full range of PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services.


Choosing reliable printed circuit board manufacturers is quite a daunting task. Kingsun PCB takes an edge over other manufacturers in terms of quality, pricing, and delivery. Our diverse range of PCB manufacturing capabilities allows us to produce any type of PCB with standard technical parameters.

King Sun’s technical team is at your service 24 hours a day.